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Here's The Truth About Network Marketing and Residual Income
Network Marketing is not an overnight phenomenon. It takes time, effort, and advertising to build a real business with an income that will last you a lifetime. Most network marketers won’t share the real secrets behind their success because they don’t want you competing with them.

It’s true that every new network marketer that builds their own business is your direct competition. So how do you get ahead in a global community that is now competing for new customers?

Your new secret weapon is to implement a marketing system that generates enough weekly cashflow to cover your “paid advertising” costs so that you can always discover new customers and members for your business. Once you can run unlimited advertising (with your weekly cashflow), you will be able to have a never-ending stream of new customers, growing team, and an unstoppable residual income.
Introducing Funded Media
Your 100% turn-key and fully automated marketing system that gives you both cashflow and members for any Network Marketing business you choose.


You can buy or earn shares in our Company Profit Plan. This entitles you to get a share of our weekly company revenue pool. The more shares you have, the higher your share of our weekly revenue that you get. There are no monthly fees and no autoships to participate!


Promote any Network Marketing company that you choose. We will help you promote your business automatically through the FundedMedia marketing system.

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